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Water studies may be undertaken for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Operational certainty;
  • Regulatory requirements; and
  • Impact assessment.

All of these reasons are inextricably linked, and the work and information required is essentially the same for all three. Often, designing a programme which aims to address all of these considerations from the perspective of the broader hydrological cycle (i.e. considering groundwater, surface water, climate etc.) is the most efficient and the most effective. Similarly, it is also important to ensure that all water related aspects, such as water supply, site water management and waste water management are considered when designing programmes.

In our experience, taking the time to properly design and plan work programmes and strategies early on will ultimately result in better, more cost effective outcomes being realised. Global Hydro takes the time to carefully consider client requirements to ensure that a holistic work programmes are designed so that maximum value to the client is achieved. This way, we can ensure that expenditure is aligned with project development and funding availability so that monetary resources and water related risks are understood and managed according to the state of the project and the level of understanding required. In addition, by taking a holistic approach, important links between the various water related aspects of a project can be identified and opportunities such as water reuse or recycling, water use efficiencies and indeed cost savings can be identified.


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